The devices chosen for the Picaa system development are: Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. We chose Apple platform because it offers the following features: iPod Touch

  • Mobility: It is a mobile device by definition, offering portability.
  • Touch screen: It is the first fully multi-device designed for interaction withthe fingers (instead of using a stylus). Its touch screen displays a high quality response, reacting instantly to the touch, as well as being able to detect multiple touches at once, allowing for unique interactions.
  • Interaction through movement: Includes an accelerometer to detect the change of the position device to run applications both vertically and landscape. Shake or rotate the device can be interpreted as a user input signal to perform an action, select a graphic component, or relocate it.
  • Accessibility: includes gestural VoiceOver screen reader, a zoom function that lets you enlarge the screen of any application (available up to 5 increases and the user can scroll in all directions to see any part of the larger screen). Finally, if the user need or prefer more contrast, the device can switch the display to white on black.
  • Multimedia: It is a device specially designed for playback of content and play, so it has great multimedia capabilities (sound and video) and high resolution graphics (with a dedicated graphics processor). Connectivity: It has wireless connectivity (WiFi and Bluetooth) to communicate with other devices or Internet connection.
  • Design and Motivation: The minimalist design of the device (all screen, only incorporates a button on the front) facilitates the acceptance by the student. In addition, the device can be used to run other games or applications.
  • Ease of development: Apple provides a free SDK to develop applications as well as a platform for online distribution, the App Store.
  • Price: The iPod touch has a reduced price and is a device similar to the iPhone (without phone functionality or GPS). However, it maintains all the features that interest us.
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