Professionals working in education with students with special needs require assistive tools have the following characteristics that we set as objectives:

  • Support to professionals and families to design personalized learning activities tailored to students considering the profile of the user.
  • Facilitate and encourage the implementation of activities anywhere involving professionals and family, and serving as a link between them.
  • Enhance the socialization of the individual, providing support for carrying out group exercises.

Picaa platform covers the objectives proposed above. Lets to create different user profiles with the specific type of interaction and how that information is presented. It runs on a mobile device where professionals can design and implement activities immediately. A educator may establish working groups to engage in a cooperative manner, defining turns, selecting the objectives to be met, scores, etc.

Adaptation to different types of students

The system has been designed to meet the functional diversity of students mainly at the levels: cognitive, visual and auditory. The activities can be adapted in different ways:

  • Aspect, being able to select multimedia resources (images, sounds, text, animations, etc.) that best adapt to student needs.
  • Complexity, increasing or decreasing the difficulty of the exercise or the way it is presented.
  • Mode of interaction, to choose between different modes of tactile interaction.
  • Timing, establishing a schedule of activities for each day of the week.
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